Looking for A Kent Based SEO Agency?

Are you a company based in Kent? are you looking for an SEO company or consultant to carry out your online marketing? Well, I can help.Because we are based in the same county as your business, I want to give back by helping you rank your business.

As RCM Digital, I am somewhat different from other SEO “agencies” and ‘experts’ because I do the work myself. I don’t outsource any of the work, it is all done by me. Furthermore, I have deliberately kept the business small enough so that you are not dealing with a company, you are dealing directly with me! That means you get the very best in personal service. After all, if I don’t make your business a success online, I’m not able to make a living – simple as that. So it’s important for me to ensure your website not only performs well on the web, but it keeps performing well. So you can rest assured I don’t do any short term blasts in rankings that only sees you fall back down again.

So if you are interested in hiring someone whose focus is on getting your business found online by more potential clients, then keep reading.

 Why Have SEO?

If you have a company or business in Kent, SEO services are quite important to help your business to grow and increase revenue. SEO has, for a long time now, been an essential part of online advertising and the majority of large businesses have already incorporated it into their marketing strategy. If you haven’t it is something you seriously need to consider.

If you have spent money on getting a website built, then you need to ensure people find it. That’s why every website needs to be optimised properly so that it can achieve more effective rankings within the search engines whether it’s Google, Bing or Yahoo. Your website is competing against lots of other sites within your niche and because 77% of searches never go beyond page one of the search engine, if you are not on that page, you are not getting the visitors to your site.

Your website can be your best salesperson if constructed properly and if it’s attracting visitors to it, and with RCM as your SEO company, I will work alongside you to make your website a money generating process for your business.

Now you may be thinking that search engine optimisation is only for large companies, and you feel because you are an SME you can’t compete against the ‘big boys’, then you need to realise that it doesn’t matter the size of your business, on the internet, it’s an even playing field.

Any website can out rank another on the web. If you have an effective strategy in place and depending on the competition the patience, your website can be performing far better than your ‘larger’ competition. You may not have the budget to compete against them with offline marketing strategies, such as advertising, TV or radio, but with the internet, you can compete and you can win.

Now if you are a local business, operating in your town and surrounding area, why do you need SEO? Well more and more people are using their mobile devices to search for local businesses. Is your business on the first page of Google for local search terms? When a person in your town and district is searching for your service, are they finding you or your competition? Google recently released the following statistics to show how important local SEO is:local google map

  • Local Searches Lead 50% Of Mobile Visitors To Visit Stores Within One Day
  • 88% Of Consumers Trust Online Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations
  • 18% Of Local Mobile Searches Lead To A Sale Within One Day
  • 51% of Local Searches Are Done By People While They Are On The Go

Statistic source: Google report

How We Get You Ranking

Full Analysis

Before beginning any work, we carry our a full analysis of your local market, how well your competitors are doing, and what they are doing to rank above you. Then we look at your website, how it’s structured, what changes need to be made to get your website to perform better than your competition.

On-Site SEO

Once we have carried out our full analysis, we then begin any on-site work that is needed. We won’t change any content without discussing it with you first, but we will change any data the search engines look at, to help them know what your site is about and to get your ranked.


Link Building

The search engines rank a website based on a number of key factors and the links connected to your site from other sites is an important one. It isn’t about having the most links wins, it’s about having high-quality links pointing to your site, and that is something we spend a lot of time building, so that you rank high.

Apprehensive To Use An SEO Company?

A woman holding a kent seo -We Deliver Results sign.

I appreciate that you may be apprehensive to use someone to carry out your SEO, maybe you don’t even want to fill out my discovery form, because sometime in the past you either tried SEO and it didn’t work, or you got stung by some so called ‘expert’ who didn’t know what they were doing. Hopefully, I can put your mind at rest.

SEO is not for everyone and the discovery form is simply my way of ‘discovering’ what it is you want to achieve, your ambitions, target market, the results you want and the budget you have etc.  Because the SEO I carry out is precise and of a very high standard, I want to ensure we are a good match. There is no obligation and nothing gets started until we are both in agreement.

But most of all, I am so confident of the quality of my work and that you will be happy with the results that I get, that if I don’t achieve what we agree on, in the time frame we agreed, then I will keep working for free, until I do get those results. That’s my guarantee to you. After all, SEO is about getting you results and you should be happy with the outcome that I get for you.

I look forward to hopefully speaking to you soon

Nathan Tarrant

The Next Step

If you are interested and you want to discuss having SEO for your business, then the next step is to fill out my discovery form so I can look at the best options for you because not all SEO is the same, it differs due to your requirements, competition and marketplace. Once you have filled out the form, I’ll be in touch with you within 48 working hours to discuss further.

Don't Let Your Competition Overtake You!

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