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What Our SEO Offering Comprises Of

The SEO we offer is geared towards providing you with the very best in the fundamentals, such as keyword research, On-page SEO, Link Building, & Rankings. We don’t just start building links to your site, we carry out an analysis of the best keywords for your business, keyword phrases that people are using to find your service or product and ultimately drive more visitors to your site. We analyse your website, its current on page SEO and go through with you the changes that will need to be made to improve your visibility online. This may be some minor data changes, or it could include new copy where needed. Then we will look at your current links. There may be some that are toxic and holding your website back. We may need to get rid of those first before doing any new link building at all.That may sound hectic and complicated, but it’s not. We will explain every step clearly so that by the time we have finished you will fully understand what we are doing and will be 100% happy.


Search Analysis

A website can only generate more revenue, if it is ranking well for the terms your potential clients are searching for. We carry out a full analysis of your competitors and the terms people will use to find your business, and get you ranking for those phrases that will generate you more traffic and more business. Without this, your site could may never be properly found.

On-Page SEO

For your website to rank high in the search engines, links are not enough. The quality of your website structure, the words and phrases you use in your content, images and even use of video, all play a major part in helping to get your website ranking high. We carry out a full audit of your website SEO to ensure your site stands out to the search engines

Link Building

Link building has changed over the past few years. Search Engines don’t take into account the quantity of links, which means the days of low cost, spammy links building SEO is dead. Google now wants to see quality links pointing to your site, with emphasis on Trust Flow & Citation Flow score. Something we’ve been doing long before Google demanded it.

 Doing SEO Correctly

If you have a website, you need SEO. Search Engine Optimisation is not about simply pleasing the search engines, it is about getting your website found by more and more potential clients. In fact if set up properly, your website could be your greatest sales machine.

But why stop at your website? There are other factors you could have ranking as well; your social media, videos, mini-websites, in fact, we don’t want to just get your website ranking, we want you to dominate the rankings, why not take over as much of page one as is possible with all your other digital media?

Our SEO strategies will improve your rankings, drive more traffic to your site and then  it’s up to you how much business you do with your new potential clients.

All the work we do meets with Google’s ethics and compliance, and we can say that with conviction because we are currently applying to be an official Google Partner, so you know the quality of our SEO work, will be second to none.

 Our SEO Process

We follow a simple process when starting your SEO

  1. We discuss with you the aspects of your current marketing, its successes and failures and what you are looking to achieve from marketing online.
  2. We carry out in-depth research on your marketplace, what your potential clients are doing online, how best to reach them.
  3. We finalise our strategy (for quality results to occur you will be looking at a 6 months time frame) and begin to get everything ready to go
  4. You tell us to start!

Key Factors That Set Us Apart From Other SEO’s

All the work we do is done ourselves. We don’t outsource to a third party and white label the work, all work is managed by us in-house. We don’t cut corners either. All work is carried out to the highest of standards by our professional internet marketing team.

If you are looking for mega cheap, fast result driven SEO, that may get your website ranking in the short term, but long term will actually damage your site, then we are not the company for you.

If you are interested in knowing more about us, in whether together we are a perfect fit to do business, then please fill in our discovery form below and we will be in touch asap.

Local SEO

If you are a local business, looking to connect with local people, then you need a specific type of SEO, you need Local SEO. We offer a full extensive service for local businesses. Check out our Local SEO page for further information.

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